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7. Impact of 2016 #feesmustfall campaign and 0% increase

  • At Stellenbosch University the budgeted shortfall for the main budget (R85,3 million) and accommodation budget (R28,2 million) budget for 2016: R113,5 million.
  • SU received a contribution of R79,2 million from Department of Higher Education and Training to finance part of the shortfall for 2016. 
  • The balance of the shortfall on the main budget is being funded through a cut in certain institutional costs (R10,4 million) and a contribution from Council’s discretionary funds (R15,2 million). The balance on the shortfall on the accommodation budget (R8,3 million) was funded from accommodation reserves.
  • The DHET added the total shortfall for the sector for 2016 (R2,33 billion, with inflationary adjustments for 2017 & 2018). It amounts to R2,6 billion for 2017 and R2,8 billion for 2018 (main and accommodation budget).