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Termdates 2014


​Start of first term (start of classes for all students)​Monday 3 February
​End of classes for first term    ​Friday 14 March
​Start of second term            ​Monday 17 March
​Recess          ​29 March – 6 April
​End of classes for second term (first semester)           ​Friday 16 May
​June examinations – 1st round starts           ​Tuesday 20 May
​June examinations – 1st round ends           ​Monday 9 June
​June examinations – 2nd round starts             ​Tuesday 10 June

​June examinations – 2nd round ends
First semester ends     


​Friday 27 June


​Start of third term ​Monday 21 July
​End of classes for third term ​Friday 5 September
​Recess ​6 – 14 September
​Start of fourth term ​Monday 15 September
​End of classes for fourth term (second semester) ​Friday 24 October
​November examinations – 1st round starts ​Tuesday 28 October
​November examinations – 1st round ends ​Wednesday 19 November
​November examinations – 2nd round starts ​Thursday 20 November
​November examinations – 2nd round ends ​Saturday 6 December

​Second semester ends

​Friday 12 December