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Shared Humanity


About Shared Humanity

Shared Humanity is an interdisciplinary module that provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with students from other disciplines in exploring 7 lessons of criticality. The Shared Humanity module will give you the opportunity to develop tools and skills that will enable you to contribute towards shaping environments for the emergence of social justice. You will reflect on the human condition, its ability to replicate unjust systems, together with its limiting beliefs. You will critically engage with the notion of citizen-leadership and its formation of a robust democracy as a mechanism for social justice. Subject matter experts together with world-renowned leaders will take you through your paces and challenge your ability to think critically about your point of view, its implications, and the consequences thereof for yourself, others, and society.


Module Structure:

Online modality comprising of 7 lessons in criticality

Preference given to 2nd-year and beyond undergraduate students, across all faculties and disciplines of study

Time investment: 10 April - 14 September 2021


Module Competencies:

Human Rights: Social Justice | Citizenship: Constitutional Literacy |

Critical Thinking: Critical Reasoning; Judgment and Learning Agility


Module Themes:


Application Process: To apply click here

Application closing date: 03 April 2021

Cost of Module: No financial cost, only your time and commitment to completion.

For More Information: Fanelesibonge Ndebele or Ramone Comalie