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MCom (Computer Auditing)

​​Technology is impacting every aspect of our daily lives. It is transforming business and has a significant effect on the work of both auditors and chartered accountants in South Africa.

According to the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), it has become more critical than ever to ensure that chartered accountants remain relevant in the roles they perform. As technology continues to improve and be more and more prevalent in the typical accounting space, this creates both challenges and opportunities for current and future members and associates of SAICA.

This had led to SAICA launching CA2025, a project to formally research the competencies including knowledge, skills and attitudes that CAs(SA) will need to demonstrate in the workplace of the future.

Prof Riaan Rudman of the SU School of Accountancy and Programme Leader of the MCom (Computer Auditing) degree, said the world is moving from auditing into an assurance era with a greater focus being placed on information technology. “Auditors and chartered accountants in South Africa must upskill themselves for this new era."

“Our MCom (Computer Auditing) degree is aimed at specifically bridging the skills gap caused by the current technology evolution." He explained that “Students will be exposed to technical aspects in modern information technology environments to enable them to apply computer assurance principles in practice, and equip them with the conceptual skills to deal with future technologies and issues."

“The course contents reflect recent changes in the business and technology environments, for example King IV, which requires IT governance to ensure strategic alignment of business and information technology, value delivery and risk management," Prof Rudman added.

The part-time programme consists of a lectured component in the first year of study, and the writing of a short dissertation in the second year. All lectures are compulsory and take place once per month.

  • The next MCom (Computer Auditing) programme commences in February 2020, provided a sufficient number of qualifying applications are received. For information, click here or contact Prof Riaan Rudman by e-mail or tel 021 808 2701.