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Critical questions about education discussed in new book
Author: E Els
Published: 19/04/2023

​Gone are the days of wearing masks and isolating in South African schools. However,  the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted problems in the education system that cannot be forgotten and which must be attended to. 

​'COVID, crisis and opportunities for Education' was released recently and is the latest book by Prof Michael le Cordeur, Vice Dean Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Education, Stellenbosch University. It tells about the new opportunities that the pandemic has offered education.

Questions such as if the education offered is of such a quality that it prepares children for life after school and if children are endowed with values and skills so that they can make a substantial contribution to the country's economy by being self-sufficient are investigated.

Le Cordeur is the author of several books and his valuable experience as a teacher, lecturer and researcher contributes to his insight into education. The book is aimed at education lecturers and teachers and provides guidelines on how education can be handled in the future. It is also a historical summary of the impact of the pandemic on education in South Africa and is available in Afrikaans and English from Naledi publishers.