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“I love the versatility of my work”, says geology alumnus
Author: Laura van Laeren (Faculty of Science: Media and Communication)
Published: 22/04/2022

“Develop strategies to find the best solution for a problem –there is no one-size-fits-all answer." – Nomvo Kasolo, BScHons in Geology

Nomvo Kasolo obtained a BSc in Earth Science from Stellenbosch University in 2019. She subsequently completed a BScHons in Geology at the University of Cape Town. Nomvo is currently employed as a Consulting Analyst at Frost & Sullivan Africa.

Her role as an analyst involves data collection from primary and secondary resources, as well as ensuing data refining and analysis. “As a company we focus on nine different sectors, but to date my work experience has been in the mobility and logistics sector (transportation, supply chain management), built infrastructure and energy and environment," says Nomvo.

“Apart from consulting projects, Frost & Sullivan drives the strategy, market intelligence and thought-leadership component, which for me translates into writing and publishing weekly thought leadership pieces on developments in the sectors I focus on, to help inform and advise market players."

She works in collaboration with the senior consultants, her management team and their associates, in what she describes as an open, interactive and stimulating environment. Her favourite part of the industry she works in is the versatility it requires from her: “Growth and innovative work is one of our company's focus areas. One must constantly learn quickly and apply growth strategies across different sectors."

The company's motto is also “Helping Africa Grow": “Knowing every day that the inputs we give are driving development on the continent is the best part of the job for me," she adds.

She says her training at Stellenbosch University helped her to think critically and to be effective in her work. She also appreciated the many resources available to students, such as the library, writing labs and computer classes.

“Stellenbosch University did well in driving dialogues on personal growth, transformation and career development, which assisted in terms of how to brand yourself or engage in the professional space, come up with transformation ideas and making known the opportunities available after graduation," she says.

Nomvo encourages students to engage in growth-centred discussions to get a broad understanding of how different sectors and economies interlink and operate. “Ask questions and always remain curious," she adds. “Make mistakes, then pick yourself up and approach the challenge more intelligently. Develop strategies for finding the best solution to a problem. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. With enough practice, you will develop a more analytical approach."

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