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Maties gear up for Giving Day 2021
Author: Development & Alumni / Ontwikkeling & Alumni
Published: 04/10/2021

​Stellenbosch University (SU) is gearing up for its annual Giving Day that will run on the Stellenbosch campus from Thursday, 7 October to Saturday, 9 October 2021 - and we need your support!

Giving Day forms part of the recently launched Annual Fund, Bridge the Gap, that aims to remove the obstacles that are hindering Maties from having a meaningful student experience and obtaining that sought-after degree. The University is raising funds for several initiatives under the umbrella of Bridge the Gap. These include, #Move4Food, the Tygerberg Pantry Project, #Action4Inclusion, #GradMe, #Zim4Zim, End Period Poverty, #MatiesHaveDrive and Caught in the Middle.

Giving Day 2021, within the COVID-19 limitations, takes the form of various activities such as soccer and tennis, and a megamovie marathon. Residences and Private Student Organisations (PSO) have also been asked to decorate the trees on Victoria Street between Dagbreek and Irene. Each residence or PSO will be allocated a tree in which there will be a donation box to donate non-perishable foods and toiletries (including sanitary towels). And of course, there are wonderful prizes up for grabs.

The Giving Day activities are usually across 24 hours – but this year they're spread out to accommodate social distancing, curfews, and vaccination uptake.  

“For just a few hours, the Stellenbosch University community could change the world of some of our fellow Matie students. Your gifts could change the lives of students and make a difference for the causes you are passionate about," says Karen Bruns, Senior Director: Development and Alumni Relations at SU.

“We know that you're probably tired of hearing this – but COVID-19 has made our students' situations so much worse – retrenched parents, fewer part-time student jobs, NSFAS realignment and defunding, reduced Corporate Social Investment funds to go around, greater food insecurity nationally, and pressure. This pressure means that our students' mental health, wellness, and confidence about the future has plummeted. Your generosity, in any amount, is appreciated and truly makes a difference,“ Bruns adds.

You can register or sign up for the activities by completing a quick registration form. If physical activity is not for you – consider making a donation through GivenGain, Snapscan or by EFT. You can donate to any one element of the Bridge the Gap campaign that resonates with you, or towards the umbrella Annual Fund. See for more information. 

Giving Day Activities    

5-a-side Soccer

The 5-a-side soccer match will take place at the Goldfields Lentelus sport ground. Residences, PSO's, divisions, faculties or departments will go head-to-head on the Astro field from Thursday, 7 October 2021 to Friday, 8 October 2021.  The soccer matches will happen in intervals throughout the day from 09:00 until 18:00.

The winners of the knockout games will play against each other the next day on Friday, 8 October. This will hopefully bring support, excitement, and a streak of competitiveness.

Each residence or PSO is required to register 5 players in a team.  It will be a 20-minute game with 10-minute intervals.

Speed tennis

Our speed tennis tournament consists of multiple games of 20-minutes with 10-minute intervals. Residences and PSO will compete on the Dagbreek Courts from the morning of Giving Day, 7 October. The winners of the matches will play against each other the next day on Friday, 8 October. The games are doubles matches and single matches in which residences, PSO, divisions or faculties are pitted against each other.  You are required to register 3 players in the team – a doubles pair and a singles player.


Pulp Cinema – Movie Marathon

Pulp will be hosting a movie marathon on Saturday, 9 October from 08:00 (start) to 22:00 (ends) for some real megamovies and cult shows. Patrons will need to buy tickets on Quicket. This programme will be released on Tuesday, 5 October. Dress-up is optional, but so desirable. Snacks and drinks will be on sale throughout, and all proceeds will go to Bridge the Gap.

Please note that, in terms of COVID-19 regulations, there are only 25 tickets per cinema per screening. This could be as close as you've ever got to a private screening. Spot prizes for the best-dressed!

Need more information? Please contact Viwe Benxa at