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Rector tests positive for COVID-19, appeals to SU community to stay safe
Author: Corporate Communication and Marketing Division / Afdeling Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking
Published: 08/04/2021

​​​​Prof Wim de Villiers, Rector and Vice-Chancellor, again made an appeal to the public and Stellenbosch University (SU) community not to let their guard down against COVID-19. This comes after he tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday (7 April 2021). 

Prof De Villiers is currently in self-isolation for a period of 10 days. “I am experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, but I don't want to take any chances and will monitor my health closely," he said. 

“I do not know where I contracted the disease, but this has made me realise again that the pandemic is a serious matter. For this reason, I still encourage our students and staff, but also the broader public, to wear a mask as directed, to maintain a safe distance from each other and to regularly wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer. 

“If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please self-isolate, and if you are experiencing any of the characteristic symptoms of the disease, contact your doctor without delay. Your doctor will be able to advise on where and when you can get tested. Please follow the necessary protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19. It is unfortunately a reality of the times in which we live. Also keep a watchful eye on members of your family or people that you have been in contact with lately." 

Students and staff who suspect that they might have contracted COVID-19, can follow this link for more information on what to do. Also visit SU's COVID-19 website for more information. 

Prof De Villiers will continue to work online from home where possible, but has asked for his diary to be cleared so that he can get enough rest.