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Top matriculants of 2020 to study at SU
Author: Corporate Communication and Marketing/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking [Rozanne Engel]
Published: 23/02/2021


Stellenbosch University (SU) will once again become the home to a number of South Africa's top matric learners of 2020.

Reynhardt Buys from Pearson High school in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape is the top matriculant for 2020 and will commence his studies in Actuarial Science at SU this year.

Buys walked off with the top spot in the quintal level five section of the 2020 matric exams and scooped third place countrywide in mathematics.

According to Buys he did not follow any particular recipe for success, but instead made sure he would study immediately when he came home from school, which helped him to achieve the top spot.

“I'm really proud of myself and the hours of work that I put in. When all my friends were out partying, I'd be at home sitting with my books and doing the work diligently, so in that regard I'm very proud of myself," said Buys.

Another top matriculant who will make Maties her home this year is Sonica Roux from Hoërskool Outeniqua in George in the Western Cape. She took the third spot in the quintal level five section of the 2020 matric exams.

Roux wants to be a doctor and will be studying medicine at SU. “I've always been interested in medicine and helping other people. There has been a lot of developments in this field over the years, which is something that really excites me. I look forward to studying at one of the top universities in the country and cannot wait to meet the other students," says Roux.

Some of the other top matriculants on their way to SU is Daniel Alwyn Gouws from Hermanus High School. He is Western Cape's top matriculant in mathematics. Gouws will be studying Electronic Engineering. The top matriculants from the North West and Limpopo provinces will also be joining SU. Jana geyser from Potchefstroom in the Nort West will be styuding medicine, while Diana van Niekerk from Pietersburg Highschool in Polokwane, Limpopo, will be studying occupational therapy at SU. ​

Two top matric pupils from Durban, Ryan Wood and Ishan Jewnarain, who both received seven distinctions, will also commence their studies at SU this year. Wood, from Glenwood High School, will be studying medicine and Jewnarain, from Northwood School, will be studying Actuarial Science.