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New SU lecture series launched: Forward with Research Impact
Author: Division for Research Development
Published: 16/08/2019

‚ÄčThe Division for Research Development (DRD) in collaboration with the University Museum is hosting a new lecture series, Forward with Research Impact. It will be presented at the University Museum on a weekly basis from 21 August 2019 to 20 November 2019 and consists of a series of lunchtime conversations/talks that focus on the University`s core strategic theme of Research for Impact. Research for Impact at SU implies optimising the scientific, economic, social, scholarly and cultural impact of our research. Our focus is on interdisciplinary research that benefits society on a national, continental and global scale. At the same time, we are committed to basic and disciplinary research excellence, as it forms the basis for applied and translational research. Our strong focus on Research for Impact is further supported through the directed efforts of our Research Chairs, Centres of Excellence and other units, bureaus and institutes at SU. These research entities fit well within the University`s new five strategic research areas:

  • The Natural Environment
  • Social Justice and Development
  • Health and Human Security
  • Human Creativity and Social Innovation
  • Systems and Technologies for the Future

The latest edition of our annual research publication Research at Stellenbosch University which was launched on 14 August 2019 is a first attempt at showcasing our current expertise within these areas. During the Forward with Research Impact series, a selection of researchers whose work is presented in the publication will be featured.

For more information on the lecture series programme:

For the virtual copy of the Research at Stellenbosch University publication: