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SUNLearn 2021 Module Rollover
Author: Thys Murray
Published: 09/11/2020

Update 27-11-2020

Dear SUNLearn facilitators

The rollover process is now complete. Content from all registered courses has now been transferred to their respective 2021 module spaces and all staff members have been enrolled to the 2021 versions of their current 2020 modules.

Please note the following:

  • As previously mentioned, only the content of registered courses were transferred. Please request the rollover of non-standard or combined (MT) modules directly from the Learning Technologies helpdesk​.
  • All 2021 modules are set to be available from 1 January to 31 December 2021. This means that until next year the 2021 modules will be listed in the Future category of your Dashboard after which it will be moved to your In progress category.
  • To improve the rollover process, all 2021 courses were set to the default "Topic" layout. You can still change your layout to Edwiser, Weekly, etc., by going in to the module's settings and choosing the layout of your chouice under Course format.
  • If you are not planning on using 2020 content for 2021, you can delete the content an item or topic at a time.
  • All 2021 modules are currently hidden from students, but we will make it visible closer to the start of classes (Health Sciences' modules will be visible for the start of their classes).​

Kind regards

The Learning Technologies Support (SUNLearn) team
021 808 2222​

​​​​Dear SUNLearn facilitators (9-11-2020)

It is that time of the year again to bring 2020 to completion and to start with the rollover process to activate modules for 2021. As before, all registered 2021 modules will be created on SUNLearn automatically without being requested. Students are then automatically enrolled to these modules during registration and lecturers can decide whether they want to make use of the module space or not.

Regarding the content:

  • All content (except Turnitin links) of all registered 2020 modules will be carried over to their respective 2021 module. All these modules are hidden from students until the start of classes (Health Sciences' modules will be made visible earlier for when their students start). In case content should remain hidden after the start of classes (e.g. in the case of second semester modules), it can be hidden either by item or by topic / section.
  • All staff will be enrolled for 2021 modules as they were enrolled for 2020 modules.

By approaching the process in this manner, we aim to complete the whole process in the shortest time possible.

  • We are of course aware that not all facilitators want the previous year's content carried over, in this case unwanted content will have to be removed after the fact, be it per item or per topic / section.
  • If other modules' content is required, e.g. 2019 content, instead of 2020, contact the Learning Technologies helpdesk.
  • If any facilitators are to be added or removed, contact the Learning Technologies helpdesk.
  • If a module's code has changed, we will be unable to transfer the 2020 content to the new 2021 code. Please contact the Learning Technologies helpdesk to inform us of any code changes.
  • We will not be rolling over non-registered modules (modules not appearing in the yearbook). Please request the rollover of these modules after the rollover process is complete by contacting the Learning Technologies helpdesk.

The process will now run as follows:

  1. We are currently busy transferring all content from 2020 to 2021.
  2. As soon as this is finished we will enroll all 2020 facilitators to the respective 2021 modules.

Each step in this process will be made known on the SUNLearn Dashboard.

Kind regards

The Learning Technologies Support (SUNLearn) team
021 808 2222​