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‘Vensters’ at SU a roaring success once again
Author: Rozanne Engel/Corporate Communication Division
Published: 06/02/2018

​​​ The annual 'Vensters' event at Stellenbosch University (SU) last Friday where new students were afforded the opportunity to entertain audiences with their very own original performances, was a runaway success once again.

Apart from entertaining audiences, the performances by new students from SU residences and private student organisations (PSOs)  also brought social awareness and promoted their social impact projects.

More than 15 000 tickets were sold and some 25 000 people attended the event. 

Ferdi van Dyk, Administrative Officer at the Centre for Student Leadership and Structures, said at this year's 'Vensters' there had been an improved relationship with all stakeholders involved in the event. He added: “There was greater mingling of students through different partnerships sharing stages. The rethinking of the themes of Vensters also resulted in the causes the residences and PSOs will be focusing on throughout the year, being emphasised and introduced to the public more clearly."

With the focus on the students' social impact projects at 'Vensters,' the event's profit of more than  R150 000 will be utilised to boost the residences and PSOs social impact projects.

These social impact projects connecting SU and surrounding communities focus on to the University's broader social impact themes of Education for All; Employment & Inclusive Economic Development; Environment & Sustainability; Food Security & Health; Resources & Infrastructure; Safety, Security & Good Governance; and Social & Gender Justice.

This year's 'Vensters' also boasted a street festival in Victoria Street, where Stellenbosch community members and SU students were offered the opportunity to run a market stall or showcase their talents through various performances.

Said Van Dyk: “One thing that was key to this year's Vensters, was building relationships with the community and positioning the event for future growth through established relationships."

* Winners of the Vensters festival, Metademia –  a fusion of Metanoia and Academia residences – said their performance was greatly influenced by the fact that they addressed issues which mattered to students and the community as a whole.

Speaking to Corporate Communication, Bachelor of Music student and student mentor Van Wyk Venter, said: “We believe that each year we need to address important issues, including matters such as alcohol abuse and the Cape water crisis which are imperative for students to take note of in order for them to play their part in possibly solving such problems.

“We have also taken note of free education and the 100 years of Stellenbosch University's existence which means that many  changes need to occur so that we as students achieve what we have always been fighting for."​

​For more highlights from 'Vensters' 2018 check out the Facebook page of the student-driven organisation Connect Maties, which helped organise the successful event this year.

What the video #helloMaties 2018 Highlights.


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