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Wood Choppers Ball 2017
Author: Leeshan Mahadeo
Published: 16/10/2017

‚ÄčIt was a magical night with roughly 75 attendees, including undergraduates, postgraduates and lecturers. This year we celebrated our guests of honor, Pierre Ackerman and Tim Rypstra's 20+ year attendance. The caterers made sure that every possible dietary requirement was catered for, since this year we have had the most diverse group of different cultures and backgrounds up to date, even some international students from Belgium! Towards the end of the evening, the new SFSA committee was announced, making history as we are proud to announce our first female Chairman of color, Ashlee Prins. We all sokkie'd and danced together to kwaito music, celebrating another successful year slowly coming to an end. We'd like to thank our generous sponsors, in no particular order, Rammies Fresh Produce, Soobhugs Coaches and SAWPA (South African Wood Preservation Association). Without you, this night would not have been possible.