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Huis Visser uses ping pong to spread awareness of breast cancer
Author: Yasmin Cloete
Published: 26/10/2023

​Huis Visser recently organised an event on the Rooiplein to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and used a fun version of ping pong to spread the word about this important issue that can affect both women and men.

The residence decorated their stall with bras to draw the attention of students passing by so that volunteers from Huis Visser could take this opportunity to share some important facts about the disease with students on campus.

Everyone passing by was invited to join the ping pong game, and winners were awarded a prize that included some sweets and a note detailing the risk factors that can contribute to the development of breast cancer.

According to the facts shared with students, “breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer of all cancer types in South Africa", however, “early detection can lead to effective treatment, extending the lifespan of 90% of patients after early treatment".

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, famously known as 'Pink October,' takes place every year in October. People all over the world participate by wearing a pink ribbon to spread awareness. The pink ribbon represents the fight against breast cancer and serves as a symbol to educate individuals about this disease through various awareness initiatives.

The inaugural Breast Cancer Awareness event was held in 1985 with a weeklong campaign organised by the American Cancer Society and the Pharmaceutical Division of Imperial Chemical Industries. Over time, it evolved into a month-long event, with people worldwide embracing the pink ribbon as a powerful symbol ​​​​​​​​​for spreading awareness.

The primary goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to increase knowledge about this illness and equip individuals with information on detecting early signs. Additionally, the month serves as a platform to raise funds for advancing research in the field of breast cancer. Given that it is the most frequently diagnosed cancer, regular mammograms and screenings, particularly starting from the age of 40, play a vital role in early detection.

Eben Baasden, House Committee member responsible for the portfolios of Sustainability and Social Impact, and Derby Week at Huis Vissser, was responsible for arranging the event.

“The Social Impact Committee always plans an activity for breast cancer awareness month. This year, we decided to do something small on the Rooiplein. It was a successful event, and we are glad that we could have contributed to raising awareness of an illness that has an impact on many women, but men too, and which female students on campus are also impacted by."

Many students as well as residents from Huis Visser grabbed pink ribbons at the stall to wear on the day and show their support.   

“I believe that even the smallest efforts to help spread awareness can have an impact and make a difference."​