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Giving Day: May we count on your support?
Author: Development & Alumni Relations
Published: 28/09/2023

There's never been a more important time to support our annual Stellenbosch University (SU) Giving Day. Before we tell you about the how, the what and the when, please take a moment to consider the following:

Together we can alleviate the burden of student debt and pave the way for brighter, debt-free futures.

Let's talk impact. There is a massive shortfall that impacts thousands of students. What does it translate to? Dedicated and hard-working Matie students not able to complete their education.

SU's Giving Day is an annual event that brings together students, faculties, staff, alumni, and the wider community in a collective effort to raise funds for bursaries, student meals, and student community initiatives. Literally, what a student needs to operate and negotiate the day successfully.

If each one of us lend our support to Giving Day, it will lead to one desired outcome after another. The idea that your donation helps to spare hard-working Matie students the stress and anxiety of their degree being in jeopardy and their studies cut short might be the most considerate gift you'll ever give.

If you would like to make an online Giving Day contribution, please CLICK HERE.

A Matie-infused selection of on-campus activities will further boost Giving Day proceeds. 

Maties Giving Day reaches its crescendo with a grand on-campus Rooiplein celebration on Thursday 5 October 2023. Join us for a cycle spin-a-thon, Zumba classes, a movie marathon in the Neelsie, music galore with DJ Mshayi and friends, and mini sporting activities such as athletics, cricket, soccer, rugby, golf, hockey, netball and rowing.

For more information, visit:

Cast your mind back to the day you got your degree. How wonderful if you could help a fellow Matie experience the same.

May we count on your support?