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Unpacking African Art, Identity, and Psychology: An Invitation to Dialogue
Start: 08/05/2024, 12:30
End: 08/05/2024, 14:00
Contact:Ceasar - 0218084032
Location: AVReQ Boardroom

In the realm of art and psychology, conversations often traverse fascinating territories of culture, identity, and perception. Join us for a Brown Paper Bag discussion titled 'African Art, Black Subjectivity, and African Psychology'-Refusing Racialised Structures of Aesthetic or Identity Theories, where we delve into the complex interplay of aesthetics, subjectivity, and colonial legacies in African art and psychology.

This conversation will navigate the imperatives and challenges embedded in the term 'African art', questioning the epistemic and ontological dimensions it presents. We will explore what it means to theorize and create within the framework of African aesthetics, particularly within the context of South Africa's historical legacy of settler colonialism.

Our guest for this discussion is Professor Kopano Ratele, a distinguished figure in the field of psychology. Prof. Ratele holds the position of professor of psychology at the University of Stellenbosch and serves as the head of the Stellenbosch Centre for Critical and Creative Thought. With an extensive background in research and advocacy, Prof. Ratele brings a wealth of knowledge to our exploration of African aesthetics, identity, and psychology.

Prof Ratele will be in conversation with Dr. Sophia O. Sanan, whose expertise in sociology and art-related research adds invaluable insights to our discussion. Dr. Sanan's doctoral dissertation on the politics of identity and heritage through the lens of African art at the Iziko South African National Gallery provides a rich backdrop for examining the complexities of representation and cultural narratives.

Our aim is not only to dissect these intricate themes but also to consider the intersections with African psychology. Prof. Ratele's expertise in African psychologies and Dr. Sanan's insights into visual culture and inequality will guide us in understanding how African artists and psychologists can learn from each other's realms, fostering a nuanced appreciation of identity, creativity, and freedom of expression.

This event is open to enthusiasts, scholars, students, and practitioners interested in the intersections of art, psychology, and cultural discourse. Register now to secure your spot and engage in a dialogue that transcends disciplinary boundaries and expands our understanding of African narratives.

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Date               Wednesday, 8 May 2024

Time               12:30 PM - 13:45 PM (SAST)

Venue AVReQ Boardroom

                        GG Cillié Education Building