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Political Science Seminar
Start: 13/03/2024, 13:15
End: 13/03/2024, 14:30
Contact:Pauliane Davidse - +27 021 808 2414
Location: Room 648, Arts and Social Science Building, Stellenbosch University

Speaker:  Dr. Manfredi Valerinai, LUISS University, Rome

Topic:       Co- Governance, Food and Communities: investigating the role of agri-based solutions in community building in Cape Town and Rome

Speaker   Carolina Polito, LUISS University, Rome

Topic        (Geo) Politics of Biometric Technologies- The Making of Datafied African Borders and Citizens

Date:        13 March 2024

Time:       13:15 – 14:30

Venue:     Room 648, Arts and Social Sciences Building

Contact:   Pauliane Davidse, 808 2414,