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EQUIPPING in international classrooms: The Role of Language in the classroom
Start: 13/06/2023, 09:00
End: 13/06/2023, 12:00
Contact:Anika Berning -
Location: Online / Aanlyn

This EQUIPPING session first looks at the impact of language policies on the dynamics of the multilingual classroom. Participants will examine how language structures influence teaching and learning, identify and discuss the different functions of language in the classroom and reflect on and rank support strategies (tools) which can be used to accommodate language diversity and support inclusive teaching practices.  Please watch this introductory video and read the thematic text for information on the topic.   

The goal of this series of sessions is to interactively explore and exchange different meanings and practices of teaching in international classrooms (IC) at SU & UG. Teachers from both universities meet in a digital environment and learn from each other's experiences in an interactive workshop session. Everyone with teaching experience is welcome to sign up for this EQUIPPING session; attendance of previous sessions is not required to participate in this workshop.

In the first session, we examined how we can strengthen our focus on inclusivity and diversity, and how we define and apply these concepts in our teaching context. In the second workshop session, we explored ways to internationalise the design of courses/ modules by sharing ideas of intended learning, pedagogical approaches and assessment practices. In the third workshop, we explored the dimensions of diversity and inclusion, with a specific focus on forming groups and facilitating intercultural group work.  

After this session on the role of (inclusive) language(s) in the classroom, we  will be offering a summer & winter school on all these modules in January 2024 at Stellenbosch University and probably in July 2024 at University of Groningen. 


After participating in the session, you will be able to: 

  • Recognise learning theory and applied linguistics relevant for teaching and learning in multilingual, multicultural classrooms. 
  • Identify and implement various strategies teachers can exploit to help students better understand and follow classes in the L2.
  • Increase awareness of how teachers use language in class and its effect on student learning.
  • Reflect on the inclusive and exclusive language aspects of teaching practices.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Catherine Meissner ( or Anika Berning ( )