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Intercultural Group Dynamics
Start: 24/03/2023, 11:00
End: 24/03/2023, 13:00
Contact:Anika Berning -
Location: Online / Aanlyn

​​​​​​​​​​The University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and Stellenbosch University (South Africa) are collaborating on a series of workshops on the theme of inclusive teaching through peer learning and sharing teaching practices. As each workshop can stand on its own, it is possible for you to join all of them, or just the one or ones that interest you. 

In the first session, we examined how we can strengthen our focus on inclusivity and diversity, and how we define and apply these concepts in our teaching context. In the second workshop, we explored ways to internationalize the design of our courses.

The next session​​ will be on intercultural group dynamics. This workshop will explore the dimensions of diversity and inclusion, with a specific focus on forming groups and facilitating intercultural group work.

It aims to answer the crucial question of how to facilitate intercultural dynamics in order to promote meaningful interaction among culturally and linguistically diverse students. The goal is to enable successful collaboration and enhance intercultural learning through these interactions. Please watch this introductory video and read the thematic text for information on the topic. 

After participating in the session, you will be able to:

● Facilitate an initial activity to managing group dynamics;

● Recognise intercultural incidents from a student perspective and relate them to general concepts on group dynamics and intercultural competence development;

● Be aware of the various strategies for composing groups with the aim for intercultural learning;

● Facilitate the initial phase of collaboration in diverse student groups with a specific focus on managing group dynamics;

● Reflect on their own practices of facilitating group work/ student collaboration and to receive feedback from their peers.

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