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Auxin: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – exploration of the 4C-ID model for curriculum design
Start: 24/08/2021, 12:45
End: 24/08/2021, 13:45
Contact:Lucy Lucks - 021 808 3717
Location: MSTeams during lockdown.

​​​The To​pic​​​​

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – exploration of the 4C-ID model for curriculum design. 

In this presentation I argue for whole task-based learning to improve student learning experiences while getting them better prepared for their role in society. Using CHAT (cultural historical activity theory) I will try to make a case for the 4C-iD model that applies a holistic approach to learning and instruction. This approach deals with persistent problems of compartmentalisation – separating whole competence into distinct parts; fragmentation – breaking complex skill or competencies into smaller parts without considering the interactions between the parts; and students' inability to effectively transfer theory into practice (Vandewaetere et al. 2015)​

The Speaker

Dr Marianne Unger, Senior Lecturer, Division of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences​

I am a lecturer in physiotherapy with 25 years’ experience in undergraduate and postgraduate training. I currently manage our division’s Curriculum Innovation and Development Portfolio. My professional expertise lies in paediatric neurology, but my passion for transforming our students into agents of change capable of affecting the lives of their communities is what drives me - my ikigai!​ My vision is to develop students with fluid intelligence - students with the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge, who can connect nodes of knowledge from various domains, and transfer knowledge across domains, making them agile to adapt to a challenging, but promising future in physiotherapy. ​

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 Lucy Lucks
 021 808 3717
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