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Auxin with Dr Taryn Bernard
Start: 25/02/2020, 12:45
End: 25/02/2020, 13:45
Contact:Juanita Layman - 0218083717
Location: Den Bosch

The CTL hereby invites you to a lunch-hour session as part of the AUXIN Project. The AUXIN Project aims to create growth opportunities for SU lecturers.

Presented by Dr Taryn Bernard who is a lecturer in the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty at Stellenbosch University. She has taught in the Department of General Linguistics and on the Faculty’s Extended Degree Programme for over ten years and, during this time, she has developed expertise in methods of critical applied linguistics. Her research aims to uncover the intricate links between social ideologies and language use, particularly within the South African context.  She is a recipient of SU Teaching Excellence Award in the Distinguished Teacher Category (2019).

Title of presentation: Critical self-reflection as a tool for transformative teaching and learning.

Summary: Although South African universities have been in a state of transformation for a number of decades, the 2015 - 2017 student protests highlighted that patterns of social inequality and exclusion are still very much evident in the South African higher education system today. Within this context, lecturers are often called upon to aid in the transformation process and they are often asked to not only question their own subject positions and identities but also the assumptions upon which their curricula are based. “How do we do this?" remains an important, and frequently-asked, question.

In this talk I explore the notion of 'critical self-reflection' and position it as tool that can aid in the development of transformative teaching and learning practices. I refer to the work of Vorster and Quinn (2017) as well as Luckett (2019) to show how critical self-reflection can aid in a deeper and richer understanding of 'academic development' in the South African context.  With the aim of offering practical tools and guidance, I also share my own experiences of conducting auto-ethnographic research in the EDP classroom and the significant impact that this research had on the design of my curricula and the way in which I engaged with students in the classroom.

Date: 25 February 2020, 12h45 - 13h45
Venue: Den Bosch, 41 Victoria Street (opposite House Skuilhoek and directly behind the Conservatoire) on Stellenbosch campus. 

For more information and for RSVP contact Juanita Layman
021 808 3717

If, for some or other reason, you are no longer able to attend the AUXIN, we request that you please CANCEL your registration at least 24 hours before the time, by contacting Ms Layman (contact details above). There are certain financial costs incurred by the CTL for each AUXIN, and the request is to minimise financial implications.

A podcast will be available on the CTL website after the session: