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Imbizo 365

​​​​​​​​​Imbizo is a Nguni word for a traditional community gathering called by the chief to solve pertinent community issues. Since the advent of democratic government in South Africa in 1994, the concept of imbizo has been brought into the mainstream. It denotes a participatory approach by the government to engage with communities.

The Transformation Office fulfills a central coordinating role in offering professional and inter-institutional support as we work to make Vision 2040 a reality. Our Office focuses on diagnostic and reflective mechanisms to identify progress, gaps and new imperatives for our University. We also facilitate education and key transformation competencies and skills for staff and students. In addition, we align institutional governance and leadership practices with transformational goals and keep SU connected to the transformation agenda in South Africa and on the continent.

Imbizo 365 uses the creative arts and activities such as film discussions, debates and excursions, and a weeklong visit to a partnering African university to help participants reflect on eight calendar themes. These themes are human rights and social justice, democracy, Afrocentrism and consciousness, youth leadership and innovation, social impact and engaged citizenship, gender issues, disability, heritage and identity.

The objectives of the Imbizo 365 Programme are to: 


  • develop multicultural competencies, social flexibility and sensitivities in student leaders to advance democratic ideals; 
  • promote thinking related to social innovation and design in order to find creative and innovative solutions to complex leadership challenges; and
  • advance transformational leadership and intergroup conflict resolutions to promote social cohesion and community building.