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Transformation Indaba



The SU Transformation Indaba started as an initiative of the Institutional Transformation Committee (ITC). It is now the one annual forum where all transformation structures at our University – including those not represented on the ITC – meet and reflect on the overall progress that has (or has not) been made during the past year. The Indaba serves as an important barometer for experiences of transformation at our University, and as such provides important input for reflection and planning. The objectives of the Indaba are to:

  • strengthen a collective responsibility for transformation implementation and progress; 
  • check in with staff and students on transformation progress and challenges experienced; and 
  • determine priorities for the next year of transformation work. 


Presentations at the 2017 Transformation Indaba: 


The Bigger Picture: Higher education transformation in 2018

Prof André Keet

(Nelson Mandela University)

About the Transformation Implementation PlanDr Monica du Toit
Getting Things Started: The role of leaders in supporting engaging transformation committeesProf Jimmy Volmink
What does transformation look like? A shared definition of visual redress, examples, methodologies and innovationProf Elmarie Costandius
The way forward with curriculum: Recommendations from the Decolonisation Report and the STEM Working GroupRhoda Malgas
Recommendations on addressing #EndRapeCulture at SU

Dr Birgit Schreiber

Jaco Brink

Is SU the employer of choice? Lessons from the Staff Climate and Culture surveyDr Michael-John Freeborough
Access for Success: Universal design and disability (student and staff perspective)Dr Marcia Lyner-Cleophas​


Download the 2017 Transformation Indaba Report here​​


Presentations at the 2018 Transformation Indaba: 


Key points from the Transformation Report to the Department of Higher Education and Training

 Prof Nico Koopman​

Transforming Transformation: Perspectives from Institutional research in a new publication Dr Leslie van Rooi
A thriving University and a transformative friendly institutional culture: Assumptions and concepts Monica du Toit
The transformative friendly culture for a thriving Stellenbosch University: Helpful and unhelpful aspects of SU culture – Taking collective responsibility in 2019 Facilitator: Prof Julian Sonn
Visual redress and renewal: a more coherent, stronger and nuanced approach for Stellenbosch Prof Ronel Carollissen and Prof Robb Pattman
What do we want to gain from visual redress at Stellenbosch University? What should be the priorities in 2019 and who will take them up? Next steps

 Dr Leslie van Rooi and Prof Elmarie Costandius ​

The transformative student experience: Perspectives from the Division for Student Affairs Facilitator: Prof Julian Sonn
The transformative student experience: Divided or moving closer? Dr Ronel Retief
Ideas from student leaders on the way forward Minaaz Alliand Paulu Joubert
Divided and disconnected or authentic and honest: The status of community building in student environments Facilitator: Prof Julian Sonn
How do we better support staff and student wellbeing in transformation? What needs to be done? Monica du Toit and Prof Nico Koopman​