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Security Institute for​ Governance and Leadership in ​​Afric​​a

SIGLA is a research institute of Stellenbosch University located with the Faculty of Military Science, Saldanha, South Africa. 

SIGLA envisages to position itself as one of the leading African leadership and governance institutions and strives to build leadership capacity and generate knowledge resources in the areas of security for sustainable develop​ment. SIGLA recognises tha​t without governance and leadership neither security nor development may be sustained. SIGLA's research activities relating to leadership and governance on the African continent focus upon landward, ​maritime, and cyber security governance matters.

SIGLA is directed by the SU Vision and Mission, and specifically the Core Strategic Themes of:


Purposeful partnerships
and inclusive networks


Research f​or impact​

SIGLA also aligns itself with AGENDA 2063 and the​ UN’s SDGs.  Read​ more