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Division of Molecular B​iology and Human Genetics


​​​​​​​​​The VuyoLab combines the benefits provided by marine microbial bioactive agents with desirable chemical synthetic scaffolds (especially halogenated cyclic boronates) to generate pseudo-natural products with enhanced bioactive properties and modes of action.

The aims of the group are to:

  • Identify novel antimycobacterial bioactive agents including bacteriocins from microbial symbionts associated with marine sponges.
  • Develop marine invertebrate cell culture models to generate more novel bioactive agents.
  • Semi-synthesise pseudo-natural products.
  • Investigate the utility of our preparations in treating various Mycobacterial tuberculosis-infected cell lines (liver, heart, kidney and astrocytes).

Our collaborations are multidisciplinary and include nanochemistry, organometallic chemistry, marine biologists and computational chemistry experts. We also work very closely with other research units attached to the South African Medical Research Council.​