Clinical Mycobacteriology and Epidemiology
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Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics


Clinical Mycobacteriology and Epidemiology (CLIME) Group​

We are a diverse team of fundamental and applied scientists and staff, comprised of post-doctoral fellows, students, technicians and a clinical recruitment team made up of research nurses, community health workers, and drivers. We are led by Prof. Grant Theron. CLIME was established in 2015 within the Division of Molecular Biology & Human Genetics, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, at Stellenbosch University, which shares a campus with Tygerberg General Hospital (a 1600 bed teaching hospital).


CLIME has three core research priorities: 

  1. improving the diagnosis of tuberculosis and drug resistance, 
  2. understanding the role of the microbiome in tuberculosis, and 
  3. studying the infectiousness of patients and the transmission of tuberculosis. 


To address these interests, CLIME has a large laboratory at the Stellenbosch University Tygerberg Campus in Cape Town, South Africa. CLIME accesses a large biosafety level 3 facility and strain biobank maintained by the Division. CLIME recruits patients from primary care clinics and tertiary hospitals in Cape Town.

CLIME has received funding from agencies such as the European and Developing Countries and Clinical Trials Partnership, the National Institutes of Health, the Medical Research Council, and the National Research Foundation.

CLIME is always open to both research and commercial collaborations and looking to recruit talented students and staff. If you are interested in working with or joining the group, please contact the principal investigator (Prof. Grant Theron –