Industrial Psycholohy
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BCom Honours Industrial Psychology

To qualify for consideration for admission to the BCom honours (Industrial Psychology) programme, the following criteria apply:

  • You need to have graduated with a recognized bachelor degree with Industrial Psychology as a major. 
  • If you graduated from a non-South African university your university needs to be recognised and approved by the Postgraduate Office of Stellenbosch University;
  • You need to have graduated with Psychology or Business Management (or both) as additional majors;
  • You need to have graduated with an average percentage mark of 65% in Industrial Psychology in the final year of your bachelor degree.

For more information on how to  apply for admission to the BCom honours (Industrial Psychology) programme please contact Ms Coreli Cillie at 021 808 3005 or 

The Department generally receives more qualifying applications than we can accommodate on the programme.  The rank-ordering of applicants will generally be unavoidable. The rank-ordering will be based on the following criteria: the magnitude of the average percentage mark in the final year, whether percentage marks higher than 65% were obtained in all final year modules and the consistency with which students performed academically in Industrial Psychology throughout their bachelor degree.  The order in which these criteria are listed reflect their influence on the rank-ordering of applicants that qualify for admission.