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B in Social Work


Programme content and structure

This programme focuses on generic social work and is professionally oriented in that it provides students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them as beginners to practise in accordance with the requirements of the South African Council for Social Service Professions. During each year of study students must pass the theory and practice education modules of social work independently to continue with the next academic year. Students may only take Social Work 478 and 488 if they comply with the provisions as set out by the Department. In each of the two major subjects (Social Work theory and Practice Education) students must undertake an amount of work which is aimed at increasing the integration of the contents within and between the two major subjects, as well as promoting the coherence of the programme as a whole. This work that forms part of the process of integrated assessment, can take various forms such as written assignments, tests, different types of practical work, etc.

For programme details please refer to the yearbook on page 62 for details.

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Professional registration
For the purpose of practice education, a student in Social Work must register at the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) from the second year.

Programme Co-ordinator: Dr M Strydom​​
Tel: 021 808 2076​