Historical Trauma and Transformation
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Research meeting on Historical Trauma

We will host the first research meeting focussing on Historical Trauma on 10-12 August 2016 at Stellenbosch. Through this event, we aim to bring together an interdisciplinary team of scholars ranging across the fields of psychology, philosophy, art, linguistics, politics, neuroscience and others to reflect on new ways of thinking about and studying historical trauma and its effects on current and future generations. This symposium will also serve as a space to think about how we can contribute creatively to the development of research on historical trauma from various backgrounds, and to think about how we can collaborate in order to contribute to better understanding what historical trauma - as it is understood - means, and what its implications are for current generations in the face of continued violence and traumatisation, especially but not exclusively within the South African context. We hope that through this meeting, we can develop new collaborations and strengthen existing ones. Furthermore, this meeting will lay the foundation for the future meetings which will all be developed into research outputs in the form of edited volumes.

The following scholars have been confirmed to participate in this closed research meeting including scholars in our own department:

Professor Stef Craps (Ghent University)
Professor VJudy Atkinson (We Al-Li Trust)
Dr Caroline Atkinson (We Al-Li Trust)
Professor Karyn Ball (University of Alberta)
Professor Leswin Laubscher (Duquesne University)
Professor Jeffrey Pragger (University of California Los Angeles)
Professor Kopano Ratele (Institute for Social and Health Sciences)
Dr Buhle Zuma (Institute for the Study of the Human)
Dr Christopher Claassen (University of Glasgow)
Dr Rosanne Kennedy (Australia National University) 

As part of our monthly lecture series, we will host a public lecture on the 12th of August during which two of our invited guests will be in conversation with one another on the theme of Historical Trauma. More information to follow on this.