Historical Trauma and Transformation
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Post-graduate Students

PhD Students​​

naleli-168-eng2.jpgNaleli Morojele is a PhD candidate. Her previous research was in women’s leadership, women’s rights, and gender inequality in post-conflict countries, particularly in South Africa and Rwanda. Her current research looks at gender and politics in contemporary South Africa. Her research titled “Women’s Gender Identity and Agency in the South African #MustFall Movements” will explore young women’s sense of agency and identity as reflected in their involvement in contemporary student activism. Her first book is titled Women Political Leaders in Rwanda and South Africa: Narratives of Triumph and Loss (2016). She has been interviewed on her book on some of the major South African radio shows, including the following: https://iono.fm/e/360804 ; https://iono.fm/e/344688(starts from 34 minutes).​

E-mail: naleli2@yahoo.com

lerato-machetela-profile2.jpgLerato Machetela is a registered/licensed Clinical Psychologist and a PhD student in Psychology. Her research titled “Intergenerational Trauma in Jagersfontein," stems from her work as a clinical psychologist in Jagersfontein, where she established a Gumboots dance group as a psycho-edutainment program for the male youth in this community. The positive impact of using arts-based method with the youth inspired her to further explore the use of PhotoVoice as a research methodology. The study seeks to broaden the conceptualization of trauma to consider issues of the “everyday" reality of life among young people born after the fall of apartheid, and to explore the impact of everyday experiences of humiliation and depravity in young people's sense of identity. To this extent, she brings intersectionality to her study, and engages meaningfully with the notion of socially responsive research. She has been recognised for her leadership in social responsiveness and interviewed widely on several networks. Some of these interviews can be viewed on these websites: here; here; here; here

E-mail: lerato.mizelle@gmail.com

Masters Students​​

Tumi2b.jpgZikhona Tumi Mpofu is registred for a Master's degree in the Psychology Department. Her thesis is titled: “This Dialogue Thing”: An Analysis of Narratives of Black and White Women Living in South Africa Engaged in Sustained Dialogue on Race and Race Relations.” The aim of her research is to explore the experiences of different women as they encounter each other in close and sustained dialogue across the racial divide. The study is concerned with the journeys of discovery that these women go through as they form relationships, or as relationships are challenged and sometimes disintegrate. 

E-mail: tumizee@yahoo.com


Elina Kamanga will be conducting her Masters’ degree in Psychology exploring narratives of black university students’ experiences of racial micro-aggressions.

E-mail: elinakamanga@ymail.com

Michelle-Nothling.jpg Michelle Nöthling is a Master’s student engaged in an interdisciplinary project titled: “A Narrative Exploration of the Meaning of Motherhood among Survivors of Genocide Rape in Rwanda.” She is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, and for her work as a writer, received an Excellence Award at the annual MACE (Marketing, Advancement and Communication in Education) congress. Through her academic pursuit, Michelle is establishing herself in the field of feminism, gender, and identity within the context of trauma.

E-mail: michellenothling@gmail.com