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Dr Admire Phiri

Post-doctoral researcher

Main Focus
Historical linguistics, Language contact, Khoe-Kwadi and Bantu Languages

Admire Phiri is a linguist with a special interest in Khoe-Kwadi and Bantu languages. He holds a Ph.D. in General Linguistics from the University of Stellenbosch which he received for his work on the endangered Khoe language Tjwao supervised by Dr. Alexander Andrason and Dr. Anne-Maria Fehn. 

As a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of African languages at Stellenbosch University, he continues his work in the description and documentation of highly endangered Khoe languages spoken in the western parts Zimbabwe and in the eastern parts of Botswana. Currently, he is working on the following projects: 

  1. ​The grammar of human-to-animal interaction: addressing, naming, and talking about animals in Tjwao - with Dr. A. Andrason (2022) 
  2. The other grammar of Eastern Kalahari Khoe – the documentation and analysis of interjections, onomatopoeias, and ideophones in Tjwao - with Dr A. Andrason and Dr A. M. Fehn (2019-2022) 

Dr Phiri has co-authored and published high quality journal articles. He is also involved in an inter-departmental social involvement initiative “Ti kwa Tjwao kx’ui - Towards the revitalization of the Tjwao language” (2019–2022).