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BASIC XHOSA 174 (12 credits) 

Here is an opportunity to embark on a beginner's course in isiXhosa communication skills.

Learn to speak isiXhosa at a basic level for social interaction

Basic Xhosa 174 is a formal credit-bearing module in basic-level Xhosa communication which is directed at:

  1. Stellenbosch University students, across faculties, who want to take an isiXhosa  communication skills  course as extra ( additional )  subject  to enrich  their formal study programme ;
  2. Academic and administrative staff of the University;
  3.   Members of the general public

This year module in Basic Xhosa communication skills is offered through two lecturing periods and one multimedia (i.e. computer-assisted language learning) tutorial per week. The two periods are organised on two weekdays from 17:00-18:00, that is, after the formal period schedule of faculties, and after formal working hours for academic and administrative staff.

The module makes it possible to all students and staff of the University to earn a formally accredited module through study of basic-level communication skills in isiXhosa. This course module can be a significant element in the holistic linguistic profile of both staff and students concerning extending their multilingual capacities in terms of an appropriately structured module.

The importance of enrolling in the formal module Basic Xhosa 174 is particularly underscored by the explicit commitment of the University to the value of multilingualism, as both a student and staff attribute.

  • Embark on your journey to learn to communicate at a basic level in isiXhosa for social interaction with isiXhosa speakers on campus and beyond in the wider public

  • Experience the enrichment and fulfillment as a personal, social and professional asset, of learning to speak isiXhosa and understand isiXhosa culture on everyday topics concerning social interaction.

Senior students, staff and members of the public  who want to make use of this opportunity to learn basic Xhosa language and culture to earn the formal credit-bearing Basic Xhosa 174 (12 credits) should take the following three steps:

  • Register (online) for Basic Xhosa 174 (12 credits) as an extra subject( for students doing a programme ), or as  occasional student ( staff members  and members of the general public ) before/by the end of February;

  • Send an e-mail to Mrs Karin de Wet (, course coordinator in the Department of African Languages expressing your intention to register.​​

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