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Western Cape Water crisis

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The Western Cape is experiencing the worst drought in its history due to poor rainfall during the 2016 and 2017 winter seasons. Dam and reservoir levels are at an all-time low and serious water restrictions have been implemented.

Experts at Stellenbosch University are working towards reducing the water footprint of its five campuses. Facilities Management has implemented a Drought Response Plan and a range of water saving initiatives have been rolled out across campuses while researchers continue to explore innovative ways of conserving water.

Some of our water saving initiatives include the following:

• Fitment of efficient showerheads in residences

• Restrictor aerators on taps

• Waterless urinals

• Water replacement units and fittings in toilets

• Electronic water meters to measure water use in each building and detect leaks

• Boreholes 

• Use of greywater 

• Indigenous, endemic and water-friendly plants for landscaping

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Smart Water Meter provides innovative solution​ to wat​er wastage​​

With the severe water shortage that is currently plaguing the Western Cape, innovative solutions are in greater demand than ever before.​

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Chemistry students save 3000 litres of water per week in lab​

Three chemistry students at Stellenbosch University have reduced their laboratory’s water consumption by at least 3 000 litres per week by coming up with innovative and relatively inexpensive ways of saving water.

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How sustainable are South Africa’s groundwater resources?​

This is the question that three postgraduate students from Stellenbosch University want to answer by collecting as many rainfall and groundwater samples from across the country as they can and they want you, the public, to help.

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SU water saving initiatives

From capturing grey water for reuse to the mass rollout of water efficient fittings, Stellenbosch University has implemented a number of interventions to drive down water consumption.

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Water crisis caused by multiple factors, says water expert​​

If all Capetonians stood together and saved water, the water in our dams could last double the current predicted time-period. So says Dr Willem de Clercq, a water researcher at the Stellenbosch University Water Institute​.

Pic by: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp (CC BY-ND 4.0)

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New qualification in water process management nearing completion​

An interactive workshop to develop the content for an occupation qualification for water process management was hosted by Stellenbosch University Water Institute.​

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How smart meters can save water in drought ridden Cape Town​

The water crisis in South Africa’s Western Cape is cause for grave concern. Authorities are desperately trying to find new water sources, due to consumption not reducing to sustainable targets. ​

Pic by: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp (CC BY-ND 4.0)

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