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Transformation Indaba




The SU Transformation Indaba started as an initiative of the Institutional Transformation Committee (ITC). It is now the one annual forum where all transformation structures at our University – including those not represented on the ITC – meet and reflect on the overall progress that has (or has not) been made during the past year. The Indaba serves as an important barometer for experiences of transformation at our University, and as such provides important input for reflection and planning. The objectives of the Indaba are to:

  • strengthen a collective responsibility for transformation implementation and progress; 
  • check-in with staff and students on transformation progress and challenges experienced; and 
  • determine priorities for the next year of transformation work. 


Download the 2023 Transformation Indaba Report here


Action-based relational transformation bProf Grace Khunou - Director of Transformation and Leadership at UNISA and chairperson of the Transformation Managers Forum 

Download the 2022 Transformation Indaba Report here


Reflections on Transformation at Stellenbosch University by Prof Chris Brink - Emeritus Vice Chancellor, Stellenbosch and Newcastle Universities

Download the 2021 Transformation Indaba Report here


What does inclusivity mean in the context of decolonization by Prof Rozena Maart

Download the 2020 Transformation Indaba Report here


Space for Unruly Transformation by Prof Andre Keet

Download the 2019 Transformation Indaba Report here


Transformation in Higher Education in South Africa: Current victories, opportunities and challenges by Prof Loretta Ferris

Download the 2018 Transformation Indaba Summary Report here​​​ ​

Download the 2017 Transformation Indaba Report here​​

Student indaba 2020.png 

The theme of the inaugural Student Indaba was to make a case to embed the Student Institutional Transformation Committee (SITC) within Stellenbosch University (SU). To embed the SITC as an attempt to meaningfully recognise​ and place in the foreground the student voice in transformation issues. 


The indaba focused on five sub-themes that were identified as pressing transformation issues that have the potential to be addressed comprehensively through an institutionally embedded and recognised​​ SITC. 

Download the 2020 Student Indaba Report here