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Institutional Transformation Committee


The Institutional Transformation Committee (ITC) is a committee mandated by, and reporting to, the Rector's Management Team (RMT) on matters relating to transformation at our University. The ITC's role is to:


  • advance the implementation of the transformation imperatives provided by the Strategic Framework;
  • participate in drafting and regularly revising the SU Transformation Plan;
  • participate in drafting key performance areas and strategic management indicators for transformation;
  • monitor and report progress on realising our University's transform​ation​ imperatives;
  • propose interventions to help our University pursue its transformation imperatives; and
  • advise the Transformation Office, the Senior Director: Social Impact and Transformation, the Vice-Rector: Social Impact, Transformation & Personnel and the RMT on transformation matters.

The ITC terms of reference can be viewed here