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The Transformation Office team, in partnership with various other University departments and divisions, is actively involved in a number of training initiatives such as workshops and programmes specifically developed for the University community. These include: 

Siyakhula Student ResEd Welcoming Programme

During the welcoming period at SU, the Transformation Office and the Centre for Student Communities run various workshops. As part of the ResEd Programme, every first-year student starting at SU attends workshops structured around the three themes of sociocultural awareness, leadership and intergroup skills to cultivate a mindset of social innovation and design. These sessions help students navigate a new social environment that probably differs completely from that of their high school. Included in these sessions are subjects such as building empathy, ethical social media practices, understanding inequality, and engaging diverse identities. Our ultimate objective is to expose students to new ways of thinking and to help them see the world through the eyes of others. The Transformation Office and the Centre for Student Communities also offer Siyakhula Student Training on request throughout the year. We can customise the training to suit and address the specific needs of any environment. To request Siyakhula Student Training for your environment, please e-mail

Complementary Studies  

Complementary Studies is a credit-bearing module offered to third- and fourth-year engineering students. The aim of the module is to equip students with the tools to tackle the complexities of the South African and broader African context through their roles as engineers. Since the module focuses on engagement, contextual leadership themes, challenges and opportunities, students who have successfully completed the module demonstrate an understanding of social impact and innovation and the role that engineers can play as leaders in the social, economic and political contexts of South Africa and Africa. The course is convened and taught by Dr Leslie van Rooi and Dr Claire Kelly, with input from guest lecturers. For more information about Critical Diversity Literacy, please e-mail​​​