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About us


To perform research, training and support in bioinformatics in a vibrant environment that fosters academic excellence, facilitating the comprehensive engagement of students and staff with computational and data intensive activities in biology and the life sciences, and promoting the discipline of bioinformatics at Stellenbosch University.


  • To provide a critical mass of expertise in a nurturing environment that will contribute to the advancement of bioinformatics at Stellenbosch University.
  • To perform novel and innovative research in bioinformatics, including the development of resources and tools to pursue important questions in molecular life sciences and biology that will contribute to our deeper understanding of the chemistry of life, and to the advancement of human health and quality of life
  • To train students in the discipline of bioinformatics to enable them to pursue careers as bioinformaticians in research and in development environments in academia and in industry
  • To provide training at several levels to equip students and researchers with the skills necessary to effectively utilize bioinformatics in their own research
  • To provide bioinformatics support and services to ongoing and to new research projects
  • To integrate with the national, African, and international network of training and research activities and collaborations in the bioinformatics field