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​​Biostatistics Clinic

The Biostatistics Clinic is an informal space where researchers from Stellenbosch University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (students and staff members) can ask a biostatistician any question/s regarding their research (e.g. methods, sample size, analysis, interpretation). The Clinic works on a first come first serve basis, where researchers have a maximum of 30 minutes online session to discuss any topic related to their research. Sometimes these first rapid meeting(s) would require further follow up in more in-depth consultations, which can also be arranged.

Typical requests include aspects of understanding how to calculate sample size for studies, advice on study design issues, design of a data collection tool or questionnaire, basic or more complex statistical methods and interpretation. We discuss not just technical issues, but often scientific topics too. Researchers are advised to come early in their research project planning, not just when they have finished collecting data!

The Biostatistics Clinic runs from 15:00-17:00 every first Wednesday of the month. Follow the link and instructions below to join. Follow us on Twitter (@SUBiostatsUnit​) for details. (Click on the image below to download.)  

​Some feedback from
researchers regarding the clinics:

“Having one-on-one discussion with a Biostatistician was really helpful, allowing an opportunity to address several issues related to my protocol sufficiently."

“Several consultants were available to answer questions, to make continuity in future possible."


“The flexibility of the sessions allows for easy access between the given times."