Epidemiology and Biostatistics
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Systematic reviews and meta-analysis 

Systematic reviews provide the foundation for evidence-based decision making. The short course will be exclusively online, using a combination of live synchronous webinars, online recordings and self study. All teaching and learning will be facilitated via SunOnline. Online content will be spread over a period of weeks, with students required to engage with content weekly, punctuated with online discussion and webinars. The course is equivalent to the Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis module in the MSc Clinical Epidemiology and requires students to successfully complete formative and summative assessments

Aim: To train candidates to understand the methods and applications of conducting a systematic review to answer a clearly defined healthcare question

Prerequisites: Applicants need to have completed introductory courses of epidemiology and biostatistics

Duration and dates: Full second semester course (July/Oct), with dedicated live virtual contact time.