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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Guidelines are a convenient way of packaging evidence and presenting recommendations to healthcare decision makers and are essential in getting evidence into policy and practice. The course is exclusively online, intensive and provides participants with the needed knowledge and practical skills to navigate the guideline development and evidence ecosystem. Ideal for students, clinicians or policy makers who want to find, appraise, use and develop clinical practice guidelines, including methods for guideline development appropriate for resource limited settings. The course is equivalent to the Clinical Practice Guideline module in the MSc Clinical Epidemiology

Aim: The aim of this module is to enable participants to understand the purpose of CPGs, discuss different CPG approaches (de novo development, adapting CPGs), implementation strategies and monitoring and evaluation of evidence based clinical practice guidelines.

Prerequisites: Foundational training in epidemiology, biostatistics and systematic reviews

Duration and dates: Full first semester online course (Feb/June), with dedicated live virtual contact time.