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Call for nominations: Stellenbosch University Social Impact Awards

14 February/Februarie 2024

Dear colleagues I am excited to introduce the Stellenbosch University (SU) Social Impact Awards, a distinguished honour presented by our University to recognise the remarkable achievements in social impact by our academic and professional administrative support services (PASS) staff.These awards recognise the consistent contributions of our colleagues to our society’s advancement. It celebrates the enduring relationships we have cultivated with external stakeholders beyond our University walls. It is a testament to the fact that social impact is a collective endeavour of university and societal partners in various spheres of life.We acknowledge social impact in two distinct categories:
  1. Team award: In this award category, the SU staff member or SU team of staff members can receive the award. The funding related to the award may be utilised towards the strengthening of the initiative.
  2. Individual award: This award is designed to honour an exceptional team leader and their external partners who have played a pivotal role in an initiative. In this award category, the SU team leader and external partner may determine how best to utilise the funding related to the award.
To find out more about the awards and the nomination process, please see the call for nominations. Candidates may be nominated by colleagues or may self-nominate. The Social Impact Committee of Senate may also nominate candidates for the respective awards. You can submit your nominations electronically by no later than 4 March 2024.The Stellenbosch University Social Impact Awards ceremony will take place in the first term of 2024 and nominees will be communicated with accordingly. VIEW THE STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY SOCIAL IMPACT AWARDS REGULATION HERENOMINATE HERE In these challenging times, let us continue to strive for the betterment of our society and to be a University in service of society. In verbondenheid Prof Nico Koopman