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This is an African-European collaboration for discovering new, cost-effective point-of-care diagnostic tests for tuberculosis.


Collaboration with researchers at the University of Texas and the University of Ohio to evaluate immune-endocrine dysregulation in Diabetes and its impact on immune responses to Mtb in peripheral blood and the lung.


A three year study in collaboration with the Catalysis Foundation, to identify biomarkers that correspond to a patient's active TB load for diagnosis and treatment response.


A multinational collaboration focusing on immune and metabolic responses to TB treatment, to discover signatures that distinguish between fast and slow responders, as well as treatment failures and relapsers.


A study in collaboration with BECTON DICKINSON AND COMPANY analysed blood samples from patients on TB treatment, to identify the regulation of several surface markers expressed on peripheral blood cells by BD FACSCAP technology flow cytometry. 


A multinational collaboration on a large cohort of TB patients and their household contacts for discovery of biomarkers of Mtb infection and disease.

IMPAACT 1041 and 1073

We have worked as specialist immunology laboratory on subcontract for these HIV Immune Reconstitution Syndrome studies.


A South African initiative for the discovery and refinement of biomarkers and to promote Mtb biomarker bioinformatics.


A 4 year multinational collaboration focused on unravelling the causal link between active TB disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.  It utilizes bi-directional screening – that is screening TB patients for Diabetes and screening Diabetes patients for Mtb to investigate interactions between these two diseases.


Multinational collaboration to identify correlates of protection for active TB.


Collaboration in a Phase IIa trial to assess immunogenicity and safety of the VPM1002 BCG replacement vaccine in newborns.