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Contemporary Art Exhibition: Fynbos in the Garden

Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden: Old Conservatorium, Main Hall (next to the Katjiepiering restaurant)

Oil Painting and Printmaking

Hermien.jpg​​Hermien van der Merwe 

​Living at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, Hermien is embraced by inspiration for her work. She regularly walks along the nearby mountain paths in the Table Mountain Nature Reserve, absorbing her surroundings with all her senses. It’s in this walking, seeing, touching, breathing in… that Hermien observes the interaction between fire, drought, and rain on Cape fynbos. And it’s in her brush strokes, paint drips, and colourful markings that she narrates this story. Working predominantly with oil paint, Hermien hopes to raise awareness for fynbos and preserve it for future generations – preferably as a living, adaptable biome but also immortalized in art.

 ​​​​Joshua Miles.jpg

Joshua Miles

Joshua spent many years painting with oils on canvas, but his passion has always been with reduction block printmaking. His influences in printmaking started at a young age watching his aunt Elsa Miles, artist and art historian, doing woodcuts and then later studying under Cecil Scotness at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Joshua is a landscape artist and is inspired by the play of light on the landscape which leads him to explore his local areas. He is always hunting for qualities flight that evoke emotion, this is often the softer light that brings out the in-between tones and greys most would miss. He is also inspired by the impressionist’s style of loose mark making and by the Japanese tradition of printmaking both of which are evident in his work.

Exhibitor: Botancial designs & fabric – watercolours 



Annelie Janse van Rensburg​

Annelie’s work draws inspiration from nature, which is evident in the delicate floral designs of her ceramic pieces. 

She uses different hand building techniques to showcase the malleable quality of clay as well as the marks she leaves. Her vessels, plates and platters are never completely covered in white slip as she prefers to celebrate clay as a canvas.

https://www.instagram.com › annelie_ceramics