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​​​​​​​​​Public Health (June/July)​

​This course introduces students to the health care system in South Africa and takes a thematic approach. 

These themes are informed by the determinants of health in the Western Cape, and are grouped as follows: HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis; Non-Communicable Diseases and Infectious Diseases; Substance Abuse; Domestic Violence; mental- and psychosocial health; Sexual and Reproductive Health. The course consists of class room instruction, readings and presentations which are integrated with an experiential component that include exposures to health care facilities in the Western Cape Province where students make observations and/or participate in planned activities on site.  This course includes the HIV Elective course which can be seen under General Electives.

Date of Programme: 21 June – 18 July 2024

Please note: All summer school students follow the course – Introduction to South Africa's Political History – in the first week (24 – 28 July 2024). After the first week the summer school group splits up into the different academic programmes. 

Academic Weight: 7 US Credits / 14 ECTS Credits (Optional Top up of 2 US/4 ECTS Credits available)

 Language: English 

Requirements: Minimum GPA Requirement of 2.8