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​​​​​​​​​​​​Doing Business in Southern Africa (June/July)​​

​This course aims to help students investigate the unique institutional and policy conditions in Southern African countries which will not only allow future entrepreneurs and managers to understand the challenges that will confront their businesses, but also allow them to identify the opportunities that this rapidly growing region offers.

The course will give students an acute knowledge of the development challenges facing Southern African countries and understand the growth of emerging Southern African markets and identify future growth potential. Students will have the ability to discuss and debate current and future policy issues in a development country context. Furthermore, they will get awareness of the additional social, environmental, and ethical considerations for African businesses.

Date of Programme: 21 June – 18 July 2024

Please note: All summer school students follow the course – Introduction to South Africa's Political History – in the first week (24 - 28 June 2024). After the first week the summer school group splits up into the different academic programmes.

Academic Weight: 7 US Credits / 14 ECTS Credits

(Optional Top up of 2 US/4 ECTS Credits available)

Language: English

Requirements: Minimum GPA Requirement of 2.8