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​​​​​​Fast Track English Speaking Language & Grammer Booster Workshop​s

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Fast Track English Speaking Language Workshops

These  workshops offer students an opportunity to learn English at an advanced pace. So, if you are ready to take an English exam, or your time is limited, the Language Centre’s workshops is just what you need if you want to learn English quickly, and have fun at the same time.​

Workshop content

  • improve your pronunciation well as develop better language learning skills to become a confident speaker
  • expand your active and passive vocabulary
  • become more fluent and accurate in your speaking
  • practice “real" English that you can use outside of the classroom by taking part in role plays, debates and friendly discussions

Fast Track Grammar Booster Workshop

Workshop content

  • developing understanding and confidence in using grammar for academic writing
  • review of English sentence structure; nouns and adjectives
  • using complex noun phrases
  • using the passive when describing processes;
  • defining terms and concepts using relative clauses
  • expressing degrees of certainty with modal verbs
  • sourcing ideas and information with a greater range of reporting verbs​

Both the English Speaking & Grammer Booster Workshop will run at the same time. It is possible to do only one of these. Please contact us for further info in this regard.

Date of Programme: 11 January – 22 January 2021

Academic Weight: 3 US Credits / 6 ECTS Credits

Language: English

Requirements: None​​