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Strategic Fund 2024
​​​The Strategic Fund is funded annually from a percentage of the institutional funding block of the main budget. For 2024, due to institutional financial challenges and constraints, a strategic executive decision was taken to rather allocate this percentage to other critical institutional expenditures. The implication of this decision is that, since no funding will be allocated, there will unfortunately not be an opportunity to apply for Strategic Fund
support during 2024. You may therefore remove Strategic Fund dates from your calendar.

Strategic Fund Focus for 2024

In addition to the continued day-to-day management of the Strategic Fund and its existing allocations and to enable continued momentum during 2024, the Strategic Fund office will focus on 1) an analysis of the impact of all allocations since 2019, and 2) finalising an online platform to allow for online applications, and that will also provide the foundation for the management of approved projects. Both the analysis and platform will focus on all the Strategic Fund categories and will also enable improvements in both the process and method of allocations going forward. 

For further queries, please e-mail the Strategic Fund office at​.​​