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Visual Redress projects completed in the Stellenbosch University Library

​The Library and Information Service has a visual redress journey within the context of the broader SU visual redress project, but also within the context of its mandate of preserving knowledge and providing access to information. Two major projects coincided with the University's visual redress project initiatives after 2015, namely the name change of the JS Gericke Library to Stellenbosch University Library and the Visual Arts student project described below.

1. Book Mural in the Learning Commons

This Book Mural forms part of the visual redressing of Stellenbosch University's landscape to provide spaces that acknowledge and represent the multitude of stories and identities in our shared history and was installed in the courtyard of the Wimbledon Cluster and a smaller version installed during June 2023 in the Learning Commons, Stellenbosch University Library. Over 100 book title submissions were submitted, and suggestions were reviewed and voted upon by a committee.

2. Special Collections

The Stellenbosch University Library underwent a peer review in 2022 and as part of the report of the external panelists, a recommendation regarding the aesthetics surrounding Special Collections was made. It was stated that there is potential in the Special Collections area to explore how to make space more welcoming and inclusive, including drawing on visual redress work.

We are happy to announce that the project in Special Collections is also now completed and that you are most welcome to view the room.  We are busy brainstorming ideas around the name of the room which will shortly be announced. The room will also be available for bookings by students and staff in future.  An announcement will be made in this regard.

A reminder of the background to the project: The collection comprises works on the following theme: Visualisation of the Africana Section of Special Collections in the Stellenbosch University Library. The works are a result of a second year Visual Communication Design students' project in 2018 in which they were required to inter-react with the Africana collection. Students were required to research or investigate a person or event in South Africa's history that did not fall into the main canons of South Africa's history or people/events that had been erased or misrepresented. After researching the person or event they were required to design an imaginative poster or illustration of the event or person that incorporates both image and text. The outcome of the project was a fully designed, produced and hand pulled screen-printed poster that could function as an informative poster/design of a historical figure or event. ​