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SU ready for long hours of loadshedding

​​​​As our Stellenbosch University campus community knows, we face a national energy crisis. We can't prevent some disruption to our operations, but rest assured that we go to great lengths to mitigate the consequences of the crisis.

Eskom has indicated that Stellenbosch will experience 11.5 hours of loadshedding today (10 May 2023). We want to reassure all staff and students that our facilities management team has everything under control.  We will do all we can to keep the lights on in those buildings with backup power so students can study, write exams, and research equipment remains on.

To ensure we maintain electricity at as many buildings as possible on campus, please help us by switching off all non-essential equipment such as hydroboils, lights, air conditioners, printers, etc. This is especially important as you leave your offices in the afternoons. 

The facility managers liaise with all the faculties and environments to confirm which buildings must be kept operational during loadshedding, especially where they have functions, events, or academic programs after hours.

The following buildings will have their generators switched off at the following times daily until further notice:

During the week: from 18h00 to 06h00

Over the weekend: all day (24 hours)

Goldfields kitchen

IT building

Facilities Management Building


CG Cilliers


Adam Small

Ou Hoofgebou


Sport Science


Van der Sterr


If any of the above buildings require power for specific events during the week or weekends, please get in touch with the building's facilities manager, who will channel the request to the facilities management's team managing the generators.

Study and computer areas

Students who do not have access to other study or computer-user areas due to loadshedding can use the lecture venues and computer-user areas at the Jan Mouton learning centre to study between 17h00 and 03h00, subject to these venues being used after hours for tests or exams. Other venues on campus may also be used for study purposes.

UPS units

SUFM installed Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units to access doors in the residential cluster, ensuring that all main doors to residences provide controlled access to all residences for security reasons. All fire alarms are also connected to these systems.

Buildings on the Stellenbosch Campus that have emergency power during loadshedding are indicated and shown on the SU interactive campus map at the following link, It is important to note that the above-mentioned buildings, which have their generators shed after hours during loadshedding, may reflect on the campus map link. Still, these will not be operational after hours unless the respective environments request it.

 Tips to beat loadshedding blues

 -       ensure your laptops, cellular phones or any other electronic devices are fully charged and charge all your electronic devices before and after the loadshedding periods;

-       have a rechargeable light or torch available; and

-       use a power bank to charge or power your electronic equipment, cellular phones, etc.


Students in Stellenbosch are encouraged to use the “pedestrian escort service" offered by Campus Security from after sunset and especially during loadshedding periods. To use this service: Whatsapp 082 808 2333.

Download the app

Please ensure that you are not caught unaware. Monitor and use loadshedding applications to keep in sync with loadshedding times and changes. Please contact your facility manager or the FM Service Desk at extension 4666 or if you have any questions. 


Kind regards

Nicolette van den Eijkel

Chief Director: Facilities Management