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Virtual Meeting Rooms now available at Stellenbosch University Library

The Library is excited to announce the opening of two Virtual Meeting Rooms in Stellenbosch University Library!

The two Virtual Meeting Rooms are located in the Learning Commons (next to the ramp on the upper level of the SU Library) and the Research Commons, which is on the lower level of the Library next to the staircase. While the Virtual Meeting Room in the Learning Commons is available for booking by all clients irrespective of year level, the one in the Research Commons is restricted to master's and doctoral students as well as researchers and academic staff. The rooms will only be available for use from Monday, 13 March 2023, but bookings can already be made on our online bookings page. To accommodate as many clients as possible, the rooms will be bookable up to a maximum of two hours per client a day. Clients are to bring their own devices to attend or facilitate meetings and own headphones are a requirement. Please note that the rooms are only available for bookings by individuals, not groups. For groups, clients can continue making use of the Seminar Rooms in the Research Commons and Discussion Rooms in the Learning Commons per the normal booking procedure.​